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The Organic Basics Fund

Supporting grassroots activists and organizations
that address our planet’s environmental crises.
Our planet and communities need more people that want to make a difference.
We’ve set up the Organic Basics Fund to help fight climate change, restore biodiversity and protect vulnerable communities. This is about giving direct funding to people, groups and projects that address environmental and social injustices at the root cause — and aim to create long-term, real impact.


How does this work?
Twice per year, we will be donating a portion of our profits to grassroots activists and organizations that advocate for justice for both the planet and communities.
Who can apply?
We accept applications from all non-profit organisations and initiatives within Europe that are taking action against environmental crises and social injustices.
When will the funds be granted?
The second application round closes on October 1st 2020 and the recipients will receive their funds by December 2020.

Supported projects

  • Nordic Ocean Watch
    Nordic Ocean Watch

    Dedicated to taking care of our oceans

  • WWF©

    Repairing our modern agricultural system

  • Danmarks Naturfredningsforening
    Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

    Restoring habitat for pollinators

  • Amazon Watch
    Amazon Watch

    Supporting communities in the Amazon

  • Green Kayak
    Green Kayak

    Cleaning up trash in local waterways

  • Rewilding Europe
    Rewilding Europe

    Making Europe a wilder and more biodiverse place