The Size Expansion

So we’re on a quest to expand our size range. The reason why that actually takes a while is because making new sizes essentially means making a new bra with a fit that is tailored to different bodies.

When it comes to sizes, you can’t just take a size small and make it bigger/smaller — changes need to happen.


The Product

For our Triangle Bra, our incredible design team made some adjustments, to fit bigger busted people.

The Triangle Bra now comes in our +system — meaning sizes that are perfect for people with a proportionately smaller underband to bust ratio.


The Changes

When you buy a Triangle Bra in a +size, the bra will therefore look a little bit different:

The front is crossed over, to give you more room and support (the cross-over creates a larger pocket essentially, and therefore has less spillage).

The back is higher, so there isn’t as much tension on the straps — meaning less shoulder pain/weight on your shoulders.

The straps are thicker, to provide better weight distribution and to avoid your bra digging into your body, and leaving marks.