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Regular price 542,25 kr

6.84kg CO2
Features an Triangle Bra and two pairs of Super High-Rise Briefs made with organic cotton.
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  • Everyday essentials made with eco-certified organic cotton — a soft, natural fiber grown and manufactured in ethical working conditions.
  • Made in better working conditions with living wages, no child labor, freely chosen employment and respect for the environment.

  • The PETA "Vegan Approved" logo indicates that the product is cruelty-free - and that it does not contain any animal products or by-products.

  • We've used GOTS certified organic cotton for this product. The GOTS standard guarantees that no harmful chemicals were used to grow it and that the people that made this are paid living wages and treated fairly.


6.84kg CO2

  • 2.56kg
    Raw Material
  • 0.57kg
    Material Product
  • 3.26kg
    Garment Assembly
  • 0.26kg
  • 0.18kg
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  • Tamara is 164 cm and wears a small

  • Astrid is 172 cm and wears L

  • Anne is 179 cm and wears L

  • Astrid is 170 cm and wears XXL


  • Material

    Organic Cotton

    We use GOTS (Licence number: USB TEX 2015) certified organic cotton and those four letters actually mean a lot for you and the planet. This collection is made in hand-picked, chemical free organic cotton that’s grown on the coast of the Aegean Sea. It’s widely regarded as some of the most soft and durable cotton in the world. The GOTS standard also guarantees that the people that made this are paid living wages and treated like humans.

  • Factory

    Izmir, Turkey

    Located centrally in Izmir, Turkey - these guys have been cutting and sewing our basics with a sustainable approach since the beginning. Their approach to waste reduction is clever because they not only reduce fabric scraps through computerised pattern making - they also recycle all scraps into furniture upholstery. Aside from that they also offer several employee perks - and operate under strict environmental and social criteria.

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